Daily Archives: May 6, 2012

Ever since I started vaping in February, I’ve noticed that I am saving a lot of money. I used to buy a few packs a week and in Seattle they are about $9/pack. I haven’t actively saving any extra money and I haven’t changed any of my spending habits… in fact I may be spending a bit more at Starbucks lately since they brought back the Mocha Coconut Frappacino… but that is besides the point. I took a look at my account and how much I’ve spent lately and I have significantly more money than I did pre-vaping. I spent about $50/week on cigarettes and I’ve only purchased cartridge cases of 50 twice since I started using an e-cigarette…. and I still had some left, I was just stepping down my nicotine level. I’m down to about $25/month now… that is defiantly a huge savings. I think I’m going to put that money toward something healthy like a climbing gym membership or yoga classes!





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